POV Bikini shootouts – Lexxi and Vicky – HD

This fantastic POV bikini shootout movie features 7 separate toy gunbattle scenes with gorgeous Lexxi and beautiful Vicky. Both in bikinis and armed with toyguns, they fight against invisible attackers. This movie has no visual effect but was sound-edited by professional sound designer and has great music and sounds! Not only sound effects make this movie fantastic, but also Lexxi’s and Vicky’s acting and expressions are just phenomenal. In all these short seven scenes both beauties have been shot in their bellies, falling on the ground in various positions, also writhing in pain, falling also face down, showing us their gorgeous bodies as well as amazing close up views of buttocks, faces and long legs. Fantastic fantasy role-playings with writhing and shooting scenes, sounds effects and amazing body views. But that is not all: we also added a small bonus videoclip with this movie. A special FX scene with blonde Olga. The special visual effects in this short movie with Olga are just amazing, you will surely jump up from your seat.



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (413 MB)

Clip Duration - 09 min. 29 sec.


Video Format: MP.4 - H.264 CODEC, ZIPPED


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Sehr gut
from on 02/09/2017
Am Anfang tuen sich die zwei etwas schwerfällig aber mit der Zeit kommen sie richtig in Fahrt. Am besten finde ich die kleine Eskapade von Vicky bei 9.29 das hat was zumal sie es auch sehr gut löst. Was nicht gut ist der Schnitt dahinter weil dadurch passt die Scene irgendwie nicht mehr zusammen.