Bikini catfighters – Lexxi vs Maya

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Two fantastic catfights on the beach between bikini models - blond Maya and brunette Lexxi, dressed in skin-tight fitting bikinis. The fight starts off as Maya and Lexxi posing in sea water for the photographer. Well, soon friends become enemies and these bikini models trage punches and wrestle each other while struggling toward winning. The bitter catfight in the water goes on with barrages of painful attacks, face punches, belly kicks, armtwisting, chokeholds, hair-pulling, knee attacks and even a few dirty action from both ladies. Finally, it goes from the water to the beach and ends with devastating KO punch for one bikini model. An exellent choice for all fans of Maya and Lexxi and outdoor bikini catfights.

The second fight brings to you a down-and-dirty struggle on the beach and in the sea water featuring great moves and fantastic action. The catfight starts off as Maya is sunbathing on the sun chair, and Lexi wants this sunchair for her own sunbathing. It is a bitter catfight with barrages of painful belly slugs, face punches, kicks, armtwisting, chokeholds, hair-pulling, clawholds, knee attacks and even a few dirty action from both ladies. It is really amazing to watch how these two gorgeous bikini clad women doing their best to pain the other into submission. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Bikini catfighters – Lexxi vs Maya

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