Four Gunfights – Tess, Sabrina and Maya – HD

Are you ready for the next part of fantasy prolonged shooting action, well to be more exactly - four action scenes with three beautiful models – Tess, Sabrina and Maya. They are dressed in hot tight-fitting outfits. These four private-commissioned fantasy action shooting role-plays are characterized by prolonged toy machine gun attacks, prolonged jerking and writhing scenes at the wall and on the ground wonderful played by thee ladies. This videoclip has four parts. In the first part, Sabrina and Tess captured Maya as their prisoner, they punch and kick her in the process, but Maya could break her cuffs and she revenges on both tormentors and finally could escape. In the second part we have the same beginning like in the previous scene, but in this scene no one could survive. In the third scene our models are playing armed guards and they have been surprised by third person and finally machinegunned at the brick wall by invisible attacker. In the last scene - Maya, Tess and Sabrina are arrested and have been machinegunned at the wall, then they slowly slided down on the ground in very exciting poses. A wide variety of hot hand combat, fighting and body shaking are demonstrated here. Our models writhe in pain with dramatically face expressions, twitching and jerking at the wall, then on the ground. This is definitely a videoclip that will be enjoyed by fans of fantasy role-plays. catfighting and shooting action! This video is sound-edited with background music, machine gun and impact sounds.



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (530 MB)

Clip Duration - 13 min. 46 sec.


Video Format: MP4. H.264 CODEC, ZIPPED


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