Locker room catfight – Renee vs Laura – HD

In this fantastic catfight in the locker room, we feature two of the most gorgeous fitness women – Laura and Renee. The conflict arises in the locker room, as Laura nudges Renee on purpose, Renne immediately counterattacks. Hair is pulled, belly is punched, arms are twisted, vital parts are slugged with knees and fists. Also the girls use lots of underarm chokeholds and sleeper holds in this battle to the finish. The catfight goes back and forth, till Renee skilfully uses a sleeper hold, knocking her rival completely out. A must-have for fans of Renee and Laura and catfighting action! All belly punches are sound-edited in this catfight, because we wanted to show you more dramatic in this one. Check out our preview videoclip below.



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Customer ratings for Locker room catfight – Renee vs Laura – HD

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 4.7
from on 11/04/2017
I love long leggings spandex with tennis shoe too! Please do more of these outfits . Is it possible to have girls working out in these outfits instead of fighting?
Very good
from on 01/02/2017
Wow! I love workout clothes like this. I prefer sneakers with sport leggings, leotards and unitards. Amazing look and good acting. Specially the biginning of the fight with that push, ha ha.
from on 30/01/2017
This video is worth getting just to see Laura and Renee in those outfits. They are both SO HOT! And they use some very fierce expresions in this particular battle. A really excellent video, and one of the best featuring aerobic workout outfits.

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