In the future – Fiona vs Marta battle – FULL HD

Gunbattle in the future between two hot-looking women - Marta and Fiona - is our next part of full sound-edited action movies in FULL HD. If you liked our fantasy gunfighting videos like - Camp under attacks, Defeated clones, Capture the Flag and another hot and exciting action movies - you also will love this gunfight. In this one Fiona and Marta are gunfighting in an outdoor settings. The action takes place in an factory ruins. Like in our previous movies, the action is awesome and unforeseen. You will see lots of gun fighting action between these fighters, untill deadly end for both fighters! The whole movie is sound-edited with sound effects and background sounds. All women got professional hair styling and make-up for this video, so they look very gorgeous in their hot outfits. Don't miss this amazing "Fight in the Future" movie with our sey women. This movie is a MUST for your collection! Please note - NO FX-Effects were added to the movie.



1080p FULL HD FORMAT: [ 1920 X 1080 ] (320 MB)

Clip Duration - 7 min. 07 sec.


Video Format: MP4. H.264 CODEC, ZIPPED


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from on 28/10/2019
Love the choreography and set. Lighting was really good for this one and both ladies did a fanatastic job. Loved the overkill near the end.

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