Wrestling in Leotards HD - Joana vs Emily

This exciting clip features wrestling action in gymnastic string leotards and shiny pants, barefoot. You will see lots of ground wrestling, especially plenty leg scissorholds, chokeholds, smother holds, hands over mouth, schoolgirl pins, face and breast sitting and pinholds. Emily in silver string leotard and red pants fights against - beautiful Joana, in yellow string leotard and silver shiny pants. It is a mix of wrestling and "no-holds-barred" action with some dirty attacks, lots of ground fighting, pins and wrestling action. This is definitely a video clip that will be enjoyed by fans of wrestling, smotherholds, face and breast sitting pins.



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] - 95,3 MB

Clip Duration - 6 min. 01 sec.




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Customer ratings for Wrestling in Leotards HD - Joana vs Emily

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from on 01/01/2015
What an exciting and erotic show! Emily and Joana look stunning in their thong outfits which display all their wonderful female attributes. Both have great buns and legs, and very nice breasts. The show they put on is incredible. It starts with some stretching and a test of strength. Then Emily gets Joana down and holds her in a scissors while also getting a grip on one breast as they struggle. A little later Emily is sitting on Joana's belly and squeezing both breasts. Emily makes the video more luscious by pulling up one of Joana's legs and giving her a few intimate swats with her open hand on the buns and right on her womanhood.
Joana forces Emily off and they switch positions, with Joana now sitting on Emily's belly. Almost immediately Joana gives Emily back her own technique. She holds one of Emily's legs up and gives her a playful swat to the buns and a more intimate one right between the legs. Joana moves up further and sits on Emily's breasts, then applies a variety of of arm twisting and smother techniques on her trapped opponent. All of this would be good enough, but then Joana moves a little further and actually sits on Emily's face! This is an extremely erotic display, both because of the great images of Joana's buns in that sexy thong attire, and for the way she smothers Emily directly beneath her womanhood. Hot Stuff! Afterwards she puts a few other moves on her beaten opponent, such as a headlock. Finally Joana gives a victory pose with her foot on Emily.
What an awesomely exciting video! Everything here is perfect - the girls actions, their clothes, the filming, everything! There is another video featuring Emily and Joana boxing in these same outfits and that one is just as hot!