Fantasy Toyknife Fight - Joana vs Emily - HD

Next round of fantasy special interest clip with a great domination game where both women use a telescope toyknife hitting each other to their gorgeous bodies. Especially breast and belly are favorite targets for both fighters, but also lower regions have been attacked with a toyknife. Joana and Emily are dressed in wetlook hotpants and corsages that show off their beautiful bodies and their slender legs. OVER and OVER both women use the telescope knife thrusting it into their sensitive places definitely enjoying that unusual game... OUTSTANDING DOMINATIONG GAME you won't want to miss!



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Clip Duration - 7 min. 59 sec.


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Customer ratings for Fantasy Toyknife Fight - Joana vs Emily - HD

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 4
Could have been so much better
from on 04/04/2015
This vid had fantastic potential - both women are leggy, long-haired beauties. But they just stand there and quickly poke each other with the toy knife. It is never plunged in and held, there are no realistic reactions, and neither of them does anything dramatic like slide down the wall or go to the floor.
from on 21/12/2014
Emily and Joana look superb in those outfits! Tight hotpants are perfect for these two girls. And the action in the video is really incredible. It is one of the best of the stabbing video series yet! They turn the use of the toy knife into a super erotic show. For both girls, the entire body is considered a fair target, but the belly is where the knife is used the most often. However, there are numerous excellent stabs to the breasts on both girls as well. And at least twice Joana uses the toy knife to give Emily perfect stabs to the crotch, centered directly on her feminine cleft. Emily helps out by thrusting her pelvic area forward so her white-hot womanhood bulges enticingly in the tight hotpants, making an ideal target.
Each girl also brings her knee up between her opponent's legs and works on her crotch, but they do it with a slow, salacious movement. Emily in particular gives Joana's crotch a good workout, repeatedly lifting her knee into the sensitive place and seeming to almost massage her opponent. Joana performs the same action on Emily a few times. Overall, these two put on an exceedingly seductive performance and look like they are enjoying themselves throughout the video. HOT STUFF!!

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