Boxing and Wrestling matches - Joana vs Emily - FULL HD

Fight fight - If you are ready to witness the most exciting dirty slugging action between gorgeous women, this outstanding punching battle as a must for you! Beautiful Joana, in silver gymnastic catsuit and yellow string body takes on Emily in silver leotard and red shiny gymnastic pants. Hands are wrapped with elastic boxing bandages. Both women are the experts in punching exercises and they can take really hard slugs, so the action here is fast and tough. Especially the attacks to the most sensitive places of female body are the rule here! Breasts are grabbed, Belly are punched and crotch areas are kicked, slapped, punched and mauled with painful claw holds! Definitely a slugging catfight that will leave you breathless.

Second fight - This exciting clip features wrestling action in gymnastic string leotards and shiny pants, barefoot. You will see lots of ground wrestling, especially plenty leg scissorholds, chokeholds, smother holds, hands over mouth, schoolgirl pins, face and breast sitting and pinholds. Emily in silver string leotard and red pants fights against - beautiful Joana, in yellow string leotard and silver shiny pants. It is a mix of wrestling and "no-holds-barred" action with some dirty attacks, lots of ground fighting, pins and wrestling action. This is definitely a video clip that will be enjoyed by fans of wrestling, smotherholds, face and breast sitting pins.



1080p FULL HD FORMAT: [ 1920 X 1080 ] - 512 MB

Clip Duration - 11 min. 24 sec.


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Very sexy foxy kickboxing
from on 04/01/2019