Action Movie – Capture the Flag - HD

We are proud to present our next BIG action movie. It is a tagteam 3-on-2 fantasy shooting gameplay. Vicky, Blanca, Fiona, Renee and Daisy armed with guns and they have only one goal in mind – Capture the opponent’s flag“. The fighting action takes place in the apocalyptic future in the old fabric ruins. We are sure, you will be thrilled about the various action in the movie and amazing gameplay from all women. We spent about 3 months to finish this movie! Over 20 persons were involved in the filmmaking and post production. This videoclip is full FX edited and sound-designed with amazing royalty free sounds and dynamic background music. To cut a long story short, view our fantastic trailer to this movie and be impressed by amazing show! Buying this movie, you also will get 115 FULL HD (1920x1080 px.) Vidcaps! Images packed in the same zip-folder. Download Trailer HERE (Trailer FORMAT - Mov. 67 MB, H.264 video codec). Also posing Image set available here.



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] - best quality - 1 GB. 03 MB

Clip Duration - 11 min. 22 sec.


Video Format: MOV. H.264 CODEC, ZIPPED

BONUS - 115 FULL HD Vidcaps (1920x1080 px. each), in the same folder as a movie.


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from on 25/09/2015
Just fanatstic, I bought both movies, this one and "Escapes from druids" movie, in my eyes this one has a significant increase over the previous. Cool action, hot outfits, superb fighting idea - worth seeing in any case!