Three Boxing matches – Zoe, Maria and Alisha

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Three of our hottest young fitness beauties are facing off in this boxing match – three rounds, each against each – anything goes battle in the boxing ring. In the first round - Zoe boxes against our newcomer - Maria. In the second round the winner from the first round boxes with the referee - Alisha. And the final round - the winner of the second round boxes with the loser from the first round. So, we have that each woman boxes against each other. All these three hard trained top athletes in fitness outfits and ballet flats collide as a fight erupts with many hot and exciting punching action. They box to complete submission until one winner triumphs over the beaten losers. Fans of boxing action and glove punching in the ring will surely want this image set. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Three Boxing matches – Zoe, Maria and Alisha

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