Cop vs Gangster duel - Fiona vs Zoe

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Cop versus gangster fight in an outdoor setting. This is a weapon fight with Zoe armed with a baton and her opponent - Fiona, armed with katana sword. Both fighters dressed in leather jackets, leather shorts and matching boots. This weapon duel takes place an abandoned house ruins, located off the main road with beautiful and quite outdoor location. As usual and already well demonstrated in our previous weapon fights, both duelists show us here great combinations, professional fighting skills, blocks, dodging moves and weapon thrusts to their vulnerable bodies - breasts, bellies and crotches are targeted! Who will win this fencing fight - Cop or Gangster lady? Check it out and you will be pleasantly surprised! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



1450x967 pixels (zipped file - 41 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 133 images


Selection: Cop vs Gangster duel - Fiona vs Zoe

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