Destructive Delight – Blanca vs Renee

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This is an incredible fight, fierce and very exciting! Renee and Blanca always put on a good show, but this is exceptional. Blanca dressed in string leotard, skin-colored pantyhose and ballet flats, Renee dressed full in black: black top and black leggings with matching high heels. In turn, this makes each woman’s crotch a perfect target, and neither one fails to take advantage of this opportunity. Each woman delivers and receives numerous blows below the belt, including some perfect kicks, punches, knee hits and stomps. They don’t neglect the rest of the body though! Numerous impacts are scored on the belly and breasts, along with some painful atomic drops being used during the bout. This is a fantastic image set, filled with ferocious attacks to the key points of the female body. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Destructive Delight – Blanca vs Renee

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Very hot!!
from on 31/08/2016
Poor sexy Renee in her tight leggings and high heels. ;)

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