Punch me harder - 2 fights - Joana vs Emily - HD

First video - Two friends - Emily and Joana - in white and blue striped shirts and bikini bottoms underneath get in a friendly apartment boxing and kicking content. You will see great punching to these lovely bodies and painful kicking between the legs. Some of the kicks landed pretty hard between their long legs. You also will actually hear they gasping and moaning in pain. The fierce punches and kicks landed to the breast, belly and even crotch area. These two bikini clad fighters in shirts are great sluggers and they hit each other trying to land their blow to the sensitive places.

Second video features - Joana and Emily, two pretty young ladies in unfair one-sided slugging exercises! Experienced beautiful fighter Emily, in karate pants, small size boxing gloves and blue belt uses gorgeous Joana, in black tight fitting swimsuit and skin-colored pantyhose, as her punching bag in this slugging training. The training begins with Joana holding a boxing pad, Emily sends a right-left combination into the pad, then a knee into that. To bring more excitement into this game, Joana places a boxing pad between her legs, inviting Emily to slug into this target. With sadistic pleasure in her face, Emily begins to punch and kick into the pad, which has been held by Joana between the legs. Emily combines the crotch attacks with belly hits and painful breast punches. This got Joana a feeling of bliss, she opnes her body for Emily's painful attacks, enjoying the beating, punches and kicks which landed between her long legs and breast area! Another outstanding punching clip with gorgeous women - Joana and Emily.
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