Maya against two burglars – Jillian and Claire

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An exciting two-against-one catfight with guns and surprise ending. Sexy agent Maya, wearing some lacy negligee and a silk dressing gown, relaxing at her apartment as suddenly two burglars – Jillian and Claire – entered into the house. Both gangster girls dressed full in black and armed with hand guns. They surprised our agent Maya by make-up and they menacing her with guns. Well, what happens now? Maya disarms both gangstes and finally, they very regretted that they broke into her house. The use of guns combined with the 'anything goes' set of rules make this an unusual 2-on-1 catfight, featuring every technique imaginable – gun fighting, shooting action, hard punching action, wrestling and plain bare-fisted catfighting. There is no doubt these three women put on a fantastic show! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Maya against two burglars – Jillian and Claire

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