GYM women fight - Renee vs Tess

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Fantastic fight between GYM women - Tess and Renee - dressed in leotards and overknee leather boots. Both women are the experts in punching exercises and they can take really hard slugs, so the action here is fast, tough and dirty. Especially the attacks to the most sensitive places of female body are the rule here. These ladies fight each other using gut slugs, hair-pulling, face punches, elbow hits, slapping, crotch slugs, chokeholds, wrestling holds, knee between the legs and all other things they can find in their arsenal. Hard fight with real anger and you will be surprised how tough these ladies can be. So much pain on such beautiful bodies and so much intensity and fury. A must-have for fans of both fighters and down-and-dirty catfighting action! Watch videotrailer to this image set below. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: GYM women fight - Renee vs Tess

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