Provocative Catfight - Vera vs Fiona

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For those of you that liked already published image set - „Long fencing battle between Vera and Fiona“ - this is a continuation fight between these hotties and fantastic looking women. Vera and Fiona – two of our beautiful and slender combatants. Fiona dressed in hot lingerie, stockings, long leather coat and red high heels, her opponent - Vera in shiny white catsuit. This prolonged catfight in the dancing studio starts out with sexy posing images from each woman in front of the white wall. Then Vera provoked Fiona before the fight begins. As the catfight erupts nothing will stop them. Fiona and Vera, both really know how to catfight and they use all dirty tactics in their arsenal to destroy the opponent. Chokeholds, knee hits to the belly and between the legs, crotch punches and kicks, belly and breast attacks, slapping, many painful wrestling holds and lots more. Step by step Vera gains the upper hand in the fight and up now she is unstoppable. She begins to destroy her opponent sending dozen punches and kicks all over Fiona’s hot body, finally knocking her completely out! A truly do not miss image set featuring two dynamite and hot-looking women in very exciting outfits! These white-hot images will excite you! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Provocative Catfight - Vera vs Fiona

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