Special rules battle Part II – Emily vs Nastja

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Two of the most dirtiest catfighters go to war in this private-commissioned special rules catight and the action is guaranteed to drive you crazy. Low blows and domination are standard during this battle. Emily and Nastja punch, knee, grab, squeeze and kick their opponent's soft areas. The contest is to see who can withstand the most damage to the crotch area. Also claw holds from the front and back are usual tactic by both catfighters. The action in this image set is steady and exciting. Highly experienced catfighter Emily turns in her usual great performance. Nastjay also shows her ability. Her unremitting attack on the ultimate weak spot between Emily's legs is an excellent display of female destruction. If you are fan of low blows, then add this image set in your collection! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Special rules battle Part II – Emily vs Nastja

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Two hot catfighters!
from on 02/11/2017
Emily and Nastja both show that they can really take it! This set is all attacks to the more delicate parts of the female body. Both of these girls are very tough. Nastja in particular is not shy about using every technique she can think of on Emily's crotch. Front and rear grabs, punches, kicking. She really gets a grip on Emily's womanhood! Nastja even pulls Emily's pants down so she can attack her opponent in underwear. These two girls make an excellent fighting pair, and this is just one more of many hot fights they have done. I'd recommend it to fans of Nastja or Emily.