Completely defeated – Renee vs Blanca

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This one-sided slugging and wrestling fight has a lot of variety, and is made more exciting by the tight aerobic outfits the women wear. Blanca looks especially hot in her string tight-fitting leotard, skin-colored pantyhoses and ballet flats. The level of destruction is almost beyond belief. Renee tortures Blanca with her wresting holds, and uses her exposed body for punching practice. Renee batters Blanca's breasts and belly, but that is nothing compared to the way she attacks Blanca between the legs. Atomic drops, punches, uppercuts, kicking, stomping and knee hits - Renne's assault on the crotch is so intense she appears not just to be trying to defeat Blanca as an opponent but to destroy her as a woman, and by the end of the fight, it looks like she succeeds. There is no doubt this is one of the most intense, vicious, and exciting fights ever. This set is also available in a standard version - 1450x967 pixels. Buying this set in a high resolution, you will get the same set in the standard resolution for free.



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Selection: Completely defeated – Renee vs Blanca

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Ferocious destruction!
from on 01/11/2017
This is a great set featuring Blanca and Renee. Throughout the fight, Renee absolutely destroys Blanca. While Renee is willing to attack any target, she concentrates on Blanca's crotch - and some of the blows are incredible. A beautiful power punch to the groin, followed by a knee that is rammed home so hard Blanca is lifted into the air! Renee then pulls her helpless opponent onto a bench and continues to batter her sensitive area with punches and kicks. Renee spills Blanca to the floor, then lifts her in the air and demolishes her womanhood with the atomic drop, using Blanca own body against her. Then, while Blanca is on her hands and knees, Renee gives her delicate cleft yet another kick from behind, continuing the devastation. She briefly gives the breasts a beating before returning to her main target. Renee once again places Blanca on the table and attacks. Blanca's attempt to close her legs is useless; Renee spreads them and subjects the battered crotch to a furious series of punches, knees and kicks, trying to shatter anything not already broken by the atomic drop. Its incredible erotic destruction! Renee keeps it up until Blanca's crotch is pulverized. She then punishes Blanca with an arm bar until Blanca is completely out. And then Renee gives her unconscious opponent one final hard kick between her legs, just to make sure she hasn't left anything intact.
VERY RECOMMENDED for any fans of Blanca or Renee! This is some of the most destructive catfighting you will find. And those outfits are hot!

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