Jillian’s escape – Jillian vs Renee and Vera

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We are proud to present our new scripted and well-choreographed fight between Jillian, who was captured by both guards – Vera and Renee. Dressed in black shiny uniforms, helmets, overknee boots and armed with weapons, Vera and Renee arrested Jillian. But they did not know that Jillian is a secret agent, clad in yellow long evening dress, Jillian knows how to fight back and this fight turned into one of our intense struggles, ever. First, Jillian disamrs one of the guards, using guard’s tonfa as a weapon of self-defense. You will be witness of amazing 2 against 1 struggle with lots of dirty moves during the battle and fantastic fighting action. This struggle goes back and forth, till Jillian knocks both guards out, disamrs them and shot both guards from their own gun and finally escapes. We are sure you will enjoy these images offering three sexy girls in hot outfits and fantastic story behind. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Jillian’s escape – Jillian vs Renee and Vera

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excellent fight scenes with tonfa and guards
from on 14/04/2017
Various fight scenes of pretty girls in fantastic outfits. I love the guards uniforms and helmets. Lots of different and exiting action poses with tonfa. I was very excited to see the fight starts again, when the guards seems to be defeated.

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