Emily c-busting lover - Emily vs Nastja - HD

This video includes two fights: This is a ultimate one-sided belly and crotch slugging battle! Our gorgeous models fight rough and slug very hard. You will actually hear and feel the impacts as hard kicks land to very sensitive areas! Nastja looks hot in her black shiny tight fitting leggings, which highlight the curves of her legs and buns, and black party top. She very much enjoys slugging between her legs, she laughs as the hard foot smacks against her groin area, inviting Emily to send more and more slugs into her sensitive place! At this point, many guys and girls would roll on the ground from pain, but not for our beutiful Nastja. Dozen blows landed right to where it hurts, mixed with hard belly punching! Emily does an exceptionally good job of concentrating her attacks between Nastja long legs, enjoying the pummeling too. ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE for all fans of Dirty slugging and belly punching!!!

Second Fight: This fantastic new clip is definitely another great apartment catfight between our gorgeous women - Nastja and Emily. The girls squeeze each others breasts and use their legs into agonizing holds as each tries to dominate the other. Intense catfighting action with lots of hair-pulling, scissorholds, breast grabbing and squeezing, belly punching, claw- and neckholds, slapping and dirty tactics! The catfight ends with a bitter beaten loser lying limp on the couch and the winner takes the high heels as a trophy.




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Clip Duration - 15 min. 44 sec.


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Excellent action!
from on 02/01/2014
Hot busting action! Emily uses punches. knees, and kicks to the most vulnerable parts of Nastja's body - and Nastja shows she loves it!! Nastja stands there smiling with enjoyment as Emily punches her breasts and belly, plus repeatedly kicking and kneeing her between the legs. Throughout most of the video Nastja deliberately keeps her legs spread wide, inviting more punishment to her womanhood. Emily does not disappoint her, constantly slapping and punching her breasts and belly, and testing the strength of her vulva with numerous kicks to the crotch. This is HOT domination action. And Nastja looks so good in those tight pants!

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