Two Dirty Catfights – Emily vs Nastja - HD

Two videos in this release - Fight 1 - Emily and Nastja are two blond haired women with great bodies and today they are fighting in a crotch kicking and lower belly punching apartment catfight. Emily is wearing black mini skirt and yellow bikini top, Nastja is wearing shiny pants and tube top, both are barefoot. These fighters are looking for more than to win, they want to destroy each other, landing tons of kicks between their legs and hard belly and breast punches. Without a doubt you will enjoy watching this breast, belly and crotch apartment battering contest. One of these two woman will completely demolish the other, so sit back and relax, because if you like hard slugging fight then you will love this match!

Fight 2 - Nastja and Emily are back and they show us in an almost demonstrative way, an unseen quality of catfighting! These two gorgeous beauties show you how violent they can punch and kick each other, as first one girl and then the other gain advantage in the battle. You also can feel the pain and hear echoes from the punching and slapping impacts to these vulnerable areas, as these two clash for supremacy. You will be amazed by the power of many breast punches! Lots of close-up views. Also painful breast grabbings and squeezings, crotch area is permanently attacked by both beauties! Punching, kicking, knee attacks, slapping, boot stomping – all here in this wild catfight! A great intense punching show with lots of down-and-dirty action and painful attacks to very sensitive areas!



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] - 860 MB

2 videos in one ZIP-File - Total Duration - 18 min. 25 sec.


Video Format: MP.4 - H.264 CODEC, ZIPPED


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